Texaco Transformer Oil Uninhibited (208 litres)


Insulating oil for transformers, switchgear, inductors, condensers, transducers and similar equipment, also at low temperatures in outdoor use. It insulates current-carrying parts from each other and from ground, carries away heat, prevents glow discharges, extinguishes electric arcs in switchgear, and impregnates insulating materials.

Transformer Oil Uninhibited meets the requirements of:

  • IEC 60296 Edition 4.0 Uninhibited Oil
  • BS 148 IIA (1998)
  • LABORELEC  LBE-specifications according to “Technical specifications of unused mineral insulating oils for transformers, ed.4, 2005”
  • This oil tested non-corrosive with CIGRE A2.32 preferred method



Texaco Transformer Oil Uninhibited (208 litres) is a highly refined, efficient performance uninhibited transformer oil, providing high dielectric strength and reliable low temperature performance. It is formulated with a mineral base stock and provides good oxidation stability.

  • High dielectric strength
  • Reliable low temperature performance
  • Oxidation stability contributes to long service life
  • Passes the 2006 Oil/Copper interactions tests as described in ASTM D 1275B
  • Offers neutral behaviour with insulating materials

Additional information

Weight 208 kg