Texatherm 46 – 208L


Texatherm 46 can be used in heat transfer systems in industrial drying applications, rubber and plastics manufacture,heating of asphalt and fuel oil tanks, factory heating, manufacture of soap, resin, glue, dyes, paints and grease, wood laminate, fibre board and veneer manufacture, agricultural heating and drying, and chemical, petroleum and wax processing.
• Suitable for use in open systems operating at temperatures up to +200°C
• Suitable for use in closed systems (sealed with cold oil or inert gas) operating at bulk oil temperatures up to+320°C
• For long, trouble-free service in closed systems, the maximum film temperature on heater surfaces should be limited to +340°C
• Systems must have forced heat transfer fluid circulation
• While unused Texatherm 46 is compatible with most organic heat transfer oils, prior laboratory testing is recommended before the product is added as a top-up to a system containing a competitive used oil. Adding Texatherm 46 as make up to severely used oil, especially aromatic types, may precipitate suspended sludge.

Approved to
• DIN 51522 (Q for heat transfer oils)

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Weight 208 kg