Bacteria chemically alters Metal Working Fluids(MWF’s), disabling lubricants and corrosion inhibitors, while releasing corrosive acids and salts into the Metal Working Fluid(MWF).  Microbial effects changes the way MWF (coolants)function, resulting in the breakdown of the of emulsions (known as splitting) and results in decreased pH values, increased corrosion, degrading the key components within the MWF/ coolant and a loss of lubricity.  Bad smells may develop including hydrogen sulphide as a product of the bacteria’s metabolism.  Bacteria may expose workers to unnecessary respiratory irritation and skin irritation.  Resulting component part quality decreases, resulting in a reduction of tool life, poorer surface finish, and increased time to treat for bacteria and to clean and repair equipment. The bacteria may also cause increased foaming and separation in the system and cause clogged lines, filters, and valves.

Kenson offer comprehensive Coolant Monitoring Service. Call us for a quote and provide us with the machine types you have. Often it’s better to have one machine using a cast iron grade for example with the other multi material machines running on one coolant grade. Contact us using our contact us page.